Letters to the Editor

Dave Campbell: Regulators also failed with coal ash ponds

Regulations can be both bad and good. Over-regulation can kill job creation by killing the small business’ ability to survive due to its cost. When does government cross that boundary? Always the question, especially at election time.

One side complains of under-regulation, saying the other party wants to kill children, kill old people, destroy the environment so that all life on the planet’s surface perishes.

This comes to mind because as a career nuclear submariner and retiree from the nuclear power industry, I understand and believe in the importance of regulation to safety and productivity.

I saw what happened when the nuclear fuel industry went unregulated due to national security concerns from World War II and the Cold War. The concept of proper oversight was lost by those in management and the work force, thus an environmental mess.

The Duke Energy coal ash pond controversy deserves the same questioning attitude. Coal plant ash ponds have a 50-plus year operational history with the regulated and the “regulator.”

One side demands retribution from Duke, while at the same time never asking what the heck was the regulator doing during that period and demanding accountability. Is there no one interested in the regulator’s failing performance?

Dave Campbell