Letters to the Editor

Patricia Evans Carpenter: Stand with, not against, women

Regarding the March 29 news article “Medicaid expansion could help mentally ill, addicted, feds say”: Gov. Pat McCrory said he would “consider” extending Medicaid benefits to those with diseases when “they cannot help themselves.” That’s great news!

According to the NCGA and the governor, women in general are apparently helpless. Why else would we need so many “protections” from mind-washing abortion doctors and the scary transsexuals in our bathrooms? In light of their actions, I can only conclude that low-income women would fall into their helpless category, as well.

When it comes to the same health care insurance coverage the rest of us have access to, low-income women who fall into the Medicaid gap truly are helpless. Yet the governor and the legislature continue to deny them the help they really need, while providing “help” they don’t need.

I hope the governor is good for his word about expanding Medicaid. If so, hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians will benefit. That would be great news, indeed, and evidence that he actually wants to stand with women, rather than stand in our way.

Patricia Evans Carpenter