Letters to the Editor

Beverly Gray: Repeal HB2

In a blatant act of malice and ignorance, the N.C. General Assembly and Gov. Pat McCrory have set the state of North Carolina back decades.

As physicians and health care providers who care for members of the LGBT community, we find this legislation deplorable and irresponsible, coming from those to claim to be protecting public safety.

House Bill 2 will allow businesses in North Carolina to legally discriminate against people based on their gender identity and has implications beyond just the transgender community.

Republican lawmakers have stated that this bill was signed into law to protect the public from sexual predators by forcing people to use the restroom of their gender assigned at birth. As physicians, we know LGBT youth have a higher incidence of being bullied and harassed in school, have a higher incidence of depression and most alarmingly, a higher incidence of self-harm and suicide. Most of this harassment occurs in schools and in the restrooms at these schools.

House Bill 2 will now force an entire community of people to use a restroom where they are neither comfortable nor safe, while providing them no protection by any other means.

While there is strong evidence that transgender and LBG youth are in danger, there is no scientific evidence supporting the rationale used to pass this legislation.

The LGBT community has been stereotyped as pedophiles and sexual predators for years, but in fact these stereotypes could not be further from the truth. As residents as well as physicians, we are concerned that the legislature has chosen to ignore scientific reason and instead draft and pass legislation based on uninformed stereotypes and fear.

As health care providers we will continue to provide compassionate care and fight against such overt discrimination. This law should be repealed.

Beverly Gray

Assistant professor, Duke Obstetrics and Gynecology


This letter was signed by 11 other Duke doctors and health care providers.