Letters to the Editor

David A. Michaels: More than anatomy

I am astonished at Gregory Wallace’s April 27 Point of View “A matter of fairness” regarding House Bill 2. Like the Republicans in the General Assembly and the governor, he is fixated on genitalia.

He said, “If you have male anatomy, you use the male bathroom. If you have female anatomy, you use the female bathroom.” This simply ignores who transgender people are.

Transgender people are not cross-dressing males who wish to molest young girls, although this image is highly effective in driving fear. Many transgender people have undergone surgery that results in changed anatomy. Therefore, a transgender male may very well have XX chromosomes (female) and have male anatomy. Under HB2, he must use a female restroom, setting up the very terrifying scenario the bill is trying to protect us from.

While I expect this kind of reasoning from a lay person, I am dismayed that it comes from a law professor. Thank goodness his views did not represent the university.

David A. Michaels