Letters to the Editor

Samantha Illas: South moving backward again

The April 7 Point of View “A ‘new age’ civil rights struggle” is what people need to pay attention to.

The summary: It was never just about bathrooms. How does a state legalize same-sex marriage but not explicitly protect someone based on sexual orientation? North Carolina continues to move backward and unfortunately also seems to influence other states to move in the same direction.

I’m from the North. I moved down to the South during my younger years. I have also lived on the West Coast, been in the Midwest. Let’s just say the South is becoming my least favorite. Yes, I know I can move out of the South, but that’s not the point.

What does this say about us as human beings? North Carolina should be embarrassed. Thanks, Theodore Shaw, for laying out everything that this bill says and does, not only toward those it discriminates against, but what it says about North Carolina and its decisions.

Samantha Illas