Letters to the Editor

Julio J. Vazquez: McCrory can’t justify HB2

Gov. Pat McCrory’s April 17 letter “Selective outrage from PC elite” was quite disappointing.

It graphically displayed how little he really knows about House Bill 2. The entire letter focused on the single provision of bathroom usage and offered no insights into how he expects the law to be enforced, if it were to remain, and just focused on how he felt the liberals have been persecuting him. He mentioned nothing of the other Draconian measures in the bill.

Transgender people are not trying to prey on the gender with which they identify. They are psychologically, and in some cases hormonally, that gender. They are women, not men pretending to be women, or men and not women pretending to be men.

The law goes far beyond bathrooms and strips rights from all residents. Laws should not repress rights but ensure rights of residents. HB2 does none of this and suppresses the ability of local government to correct missteps by state and federal overreach.

With all due respect, he should stop trying to justify the unjustifiable.

Julio J. Vazquez