Letters to the Editor

Ed Westbury: Traditional values reign

As a 12th generation Carolinian, I cannot stay silent any longer. The recent letters from many non-native Tar Heels who are against “traditional” values are a slap at this great area.

Traditional values of family, decency, charity, belief that when God says, “Thou shalt not,” we should not, and some common sense should prevail. Opposition to House Bill 2 is but an example of a few twisting the will of the many.

The men’s room has urinals for those with the equipment to use urinals, while the ladies room does not. If an individual has equipment for the urinal, use the room with urinals.

If the values of this great land are so terrible, the answer is very simple. They need to move to an area where money is more important than morals and good common sense. If we are so bad, why did they come here? We do not need to change. They need to adapt or leave.

Ed Westbury