Letters to the Editor

Debbie Biesack: Elementary logic

I saw this on a poster in a fourth-grade classroom recently. I wish the General Assembly and Gov. Pat McCrory had read it before giving us House Bill 2:

Before you speak (legislate), THINK:

T – Is it True? (There are no cases in the U.S. of women or children being assaulted in bathrooms by men masquerading as women.)

H – Is it Helpful? (It does not help transgender people who are at a much higher risk for assault than the general population, nor does it help women and children.)

I – Is it Inspiring? (The provisions of this bill do not call us to be our best selves.)

N – Is it Necessary? (This law addresses problems that do not exist.)

K – Is it Kind? (It is not kind to remove protections for vulnerable groups.)

I not only THINK, but I KNOW that North Carolina can do better.

Debbie Biesack