Letters to the Editor

Margaret Parrish: The coming disaster

Regarding the April 25 George Will column “The ‘settled’ consensus du jour on climate change”: Wow. The pen really is mightier than the sword. Nobody gets hurt, just befuddled.

Why not talk about the elephant in the room? To wit, why, on a practical basis, is no one taking effective action to forestall what anyone looking at the climate graphs (and outside) knows to be disaster? Because a country so foolish to do so unilaterally would be irreparably weakened, conquered and enslaved.

Pyrrhic victory is preferable to defeat. No matter that an entire world goes down with us. If only humans were involved, I would not care so much. But what about the murres, the seals, the starfish, the salmon, the honeybees, the frogs, the bats? Sleet-proof our homes and garages and watch the show.

Margaret Parrish