Letters to the Editor

Paul Garbarini: Democracy, not theocracy

I find it amazing that the North Carolina Republican Party religious right is focused on transgender persons being a threat to their children for which there is no evidence. Guess what: 90 percent of child molesters are family members or close acquaintances.

Why has our gerrymandered legislature not addressed gays and lesbians, in bathrooms, who are at least 10 times more in population than transgender people? As a gay man, I suppose I should not be allowed to use the men’s room. Same for lesbians? Are not us gays and lesbians even more a threat to their children? Same for family members as they are the greatest threat.

Give me a break! Our country is a republic and per the Constitution not a theocracy. Those who support HB2 are no different from the Taliban in wanting to impose their religious beliefs on people based on ignorance. I’m embarrassed to be a longtime N.C. resident.

Paul Garbarini

Holly Springs