Letters to the Editor

Matthew Brown: Bring back Sir Walter Hotel

Regarding the April 23 Business article “Downtown Raleigh’s Sir Walter Apartments up for sale”: This is Raleigh’s opportunity to restore the hotel as a grand historic hotel, which is an essential element of a respectable city!

Richmond has the Jefferson; Atlanta has the Ellis; Norfolk has the Tazewell; Charlotte has the Dunhill; Nashville has the Hermitage; Charleston has the Francis Marion. Raleigh has generic chain hotels.

The current residents of the Sir Walter would be delighted to move to a peaceful quiet new facility.

Downtown Raleigh lost its historic City Hall, historic Court House, historic movie theaters, historic opera house and historic art museum. We lost most of our historic hotels, but we still have a chance to restore the grandest of them, the Sir Walter.

It has a gorgeous lobby and ballroom. It is a quick walk from the Convention Center and other attractions. It would present a much more interesting and sophisticated welcome to our visitors than bland chain hotels.

Matthew Brown