Letters to the Editor

Tom Proctor: Contradicting climate reports

Regarding Greg Kearney and Daniel Neuspiel’s April 22 Point of View “Protecting health means addressing climate change”: I’m not sure where to begin.

As a geologist educated at UNC-CH during the global cooling era, I’m amazed to learn that climate change causes liver damage and premature births. Without naming it, we’re told that “a new comprehensive report” says more extreme weather events are occurring, threatening to overwhelm our health care system and emotionally damage people. The facts, however, tell a much different story.

According to scientific data (not anecdotal evidence) from NOAA, virtually all extreme weather events (tornadoes, hurricanes, droughts and wildfires) are becoming less frequent and severe. If we can’t believe a government agency, who can we believe?

Although this inconvenient truth is based in science, the authors accuse our state of not “taking measures to stop carbon emissions” by hiding behind a Supreme Court protective order allowing a 27-state lawsuit to work its way through the system.

Imagine that, a branch of our government wanting due process to run its course instead of simply implementing costly regulatory change by fiat. As Plato warned, beware the noble lies of the elites among us who know what’s “best” for us.

Tom Proctor

President, Principal Environmental Geologist Proctor Environmental Services, Inc.