Letters to the Editor

Boone A. Turchi: A rhetorical duel

UNC-Charlotte professor W. Douglas Cooper argued in his April 28 Point of View “A campus without honor” that his honor has been besmirched by the academic scandal at UNC-CH.

“UNC-Chapel Hill has been caught perpetuating a 20-year system of lies and cheating,” which apparently requires redress for those other members of the state university system whose honor has also been tainted.

Harking back to the “Southern Code of Honor,” he proposes either a duel to the death or a public shunning of “all those who continue to turn their heads away from the dishonor of the Chapel Hill campus.”

Shunning over 100,000 people might prove to be impractical, especially if one is married to a shunee, so I propose to accept the challenge of the duel. Given the choice of weapons, I choose overblown rhetoric, in which case Cooper has fired the first shot.

Boone A. Turchi

Professor, Department of Economics, UNC-CH

Chapel Hill