Letters to the Editor

M.J. Pearle: Help, not hatred

Take a break from the bathroom nonsense and discuss something important – like folks helping others. My hubby and I are senior citizens. I’ve had numerous surgeries so I often use a cane, and I really need my handicapped parking sticker. We recently had a busy day around our home, so it was early evening before we headed to Kroger to make our weekly grocery purchases.

We left the store bone tired. We opened our car trunk and started to transfer the bags over when a nice young man came out of the blue and started helping us. I thanked him and said we probably could get this, but he insisted. He said he was waiting for his wife to run into the store to make a few purchases and knew that would take some time! He hated just sitting around doing nothing. We were so grateful!

This kindness is especially wonderful because we are elderly white folks and the young man was African-American. I’m disgusted with the hatred, bigotry and racism that personify the Republican-led legislature. If we could get those lawmakers out of the way, I’m sure everyone in N.C. could get along just fine.

M.J. Pearle