Letters to the Editor

Greg Saur: Too close for comfort

Regarding the April 28 news article “Anti-abortion group seeks office next to Raleigh abortion clinic”: The zoning case for A Hand of Hope Pregnancy Resource Center is not about code designation. It is about the social incompatibility of locating an anti-abortion group next to A Preferred Women’s Health Center.

APWHC patients, employees and volunteers already face unrelenting harassment from anti-abortion protesters.

HOH’s use of the adjacent property would only further the gross intimidation and coercion of incredibly vulnerable women who, like everyone else, should be treated with human decency.

The proposed zoning would allow a building tall enough to see over any privacy fence with high-resolution cameras to record people and vehicles. Inevitably, HOH and the ideologically aligned protesters will collude at this compound of misinformation.

This case requires context sensitive thinking in a manner that reflects the current political climate and the anti-abortion movement’s incendiary tactics. It is about maintaining a city that is safe to all residents, employees and visitors. A vibrant, inclusive and comfortable city for all people, absent of vilification, intimidation or judgment.

Rejecting the zoning application is the morally correct decision. Society must allow women to make personal health choices without fear of predatory bullying.

Greg Saur