Letters to the Editor

Anthony Waraksa: UNC should abandon tainted titles

Let’s agree the academic/athletic scandal at UNC-Chapel Hill is not the NCAA’s problem but UNC’s. Let’s further agree that it does not represent the qualities we want our flagship university to represent.

It’s not up to the NCAA to impose penalties on the university, but it is up to the university to see that it has an ethical and moral obligation to recognize some of its professional staff had loyalties toward a sports team, not to the university’s standards.

Certainly any sanctions or punishment should not harm the student athletics currently enrolled. They are innocent.

Instead, perhaps UNC-CH’s administration should look at the games and championships won by athletes who were not academically qualified to play except but for fraudulent (as opposed to easy) courses.

It would be a step toward UNC’s regaining its honor by stating, “We did not earn these wins and these championships honestly, and we choose to abandon them.”

Doing so would make us proud of UNC and would help our flagship university regain its honor.

Anthony Waraksa