Letters to the Editor

Wendy Kuhn: No comparison to Keller

Regarding the May 4 news article “Ousted NCGOP chairman, supporter remain defiant”: “Helen Keller could lead this party better than Robin Hayes,” former Lee County commissioner Jim Womack said.

Helen Keller was a highly accomplished author and activist and world-famous speaker who graduated from Radcliffe College (at the time the women’s college for Harvard). She was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, one of the United States’ two highest civilian honors.

I can only assume that Womack’s reference was to her liberal political stance and activism as I feel certain he would not be making a derogatory remark about the fact that this American hero was deaf and blind. Of course, former U.S. Rep. Robin Hayes is not liberal so I don’t understand that reference, either.

Being compared to Helen Keller, and even being mentioned in the same sentence as her, can be considered to be only the highest praise.

Wendy Kuhn

Chapel Hill