Letters to the Editor

Sharon Mixon: Hand of Hope questions

Regarding the April 28 news article “Anti-abortion group seeks office next to Raleigh abortion clinic”: I have lived in this neighborhood for a few years. I have learned that if I don’t want to have a long talk with my three young kids about abortions and activists, I need to not drive down Jones Franklin Road on a Saturday morning.

Now with this potential rezoning of the property next to Preferred Women’s Health Center, I worry I will no longer be able to shield them from the negativity this is going to produce in our neighborhood not just on Saturday mornings.

I have a hard time believing Hand of Hope’s claim it does not protest. I just saw on its Facebook page that it had to tell people to “refrain from bringing signs or wearing shirts with graphic images on them” when they showed up at our neighborhood meeting.

With the group’s having 2,000 likes on Facebook, I have to wonder how many of them are extreme activists. They already have a place two-tenths of a mile down the street, so why do they need another? Are they going to keep them both? Will they create another name for this one? Why do they need to be closer?

Sharon Mixon