Letters to the Editor

Richard Garrison: Downtown convenience

My wife and I have lived in downtown Raleigh for nine years, and we had a laugh recently reading the April 30 news article, “Businesses getting in on the ground floor,” in which it was stated that “baby boomers want to live downtown ‘probably because they want their children to visit them.’ 

We are older residents, but we didn’t move downtown for that reason. We moved here primarily for the convenience, as we are a block from the performing arts center, two blocks from the amphitheater, surrounded by art galleries, close to numerous great bars and restaurants, dentist office, doctor’s offices, pharmacy, farmer’s market, movie theater and, as the recent article mentioned, many new retail stores.

There are also many events and celebrations that happen right outside our door that we can choose to participate in or else remain in the quiet of our condo.

In my case living and working downtown, many days go by when I don’t have to drive, which is not only convenient but also good for the environment.

We also love the fact that our fellow downtown residents represent a wide variety of ages, ethnic backgrounds, interests and employment. Now if we could just get a grocery store downtown and a baseball park!

Richard Garrison