Letters to the Editor

Ann Whitehurst: Local Mother’s Day gift ideas

When I saw the May 5 Life article “Shopping for Mom? Get inspired by spring,” I was severely disappointed, and a little angry, that instead of using an opportunity to promote local businesses and products, you chose to run a piece by the Chicago Tribune that featured nonlocal items.

This would have been the perfect opportunity to send all those Mother’s Day buyers to Logan’s for a plant, to Escazu or Videri for chocolate, to DECO Raleigh for just about anything, to StyleFinder for nice clothing, to Edge of Urge for clothing, to Stitch for an awesome Holly Aiken bag, to Spark Metal Studio for gorgeous jewelry (my necklaces from here always get compliments), to the Visual Art Exchange for cool art notecards, etc. I could go on.

It’s not hard to come up with some high-quality local items to promote. Let’s support our local businesses, please. (Seriously, a $398 wicker bumble bee purse? That’s a little outside of most folks’ Mother’s Day budget.)

Ann Whitehurst