Letters to the Editor

E.L. Sanders: Harassment not needed at clinic

Regarding the April 28 news article “Anti-abortion group seeks office next to Raleigh abortion clinic”: When a woman finds out she is pregnant, she may discuss her options with family, friends, a medical doctor or a spiritual adviser before she decides on her future.

If she chooses abortion, she seeks out a provider, makes an appointment, budgets the money and finds transportation. She may also have to obtain signed consent, uphold a waiting period, secure lodging, take off work, find child care or miss school.

On the day she exercises her choice, the influence of anti-abortion protesters and the intervention of pregnancy crisis center employees are unnecessary obstacles that are not only unethical but also create a dangerous situation that puts everyone’s lives at risk.

A society that allows strangers to harass people at their doctor’s appointments perpetuates the epidemic of violence against women.

E.L Sanders