Letters to the Editor

Apan Basu: Protection lacking

It sickens me to read the story of the Harnett County sheriff’s department and county attorney’s behavior.

When a person faces a law officer or is in custody, the person should be in a most secure and safe environment. However, in recent years when we hear stories of law officers’ actions all over this country, one shudders.

We don’t know when we face a law officer whether we face a friend or foe. Yes, one may say the incidents are minuscule in percentage. To me, one incident is more than enough.

These incidents paint the entire law enforcement in a bad light. The fatal use of guns by a law officer is now every day’s news.

Every applicant for being a law officer and all existing officers should be psychologically evaluated for their attitudes toward minorities, whether they like to show their power and whether they are confrontational.

The district attorney’s job is not only to protect the law officers but also to protect the rest of the residents in a jurisdiction. That person has to be impartial. Time and again that is not the case.

The question is: Who provides us the protection?

Apan Basu