Letters to the Editor

John Levins: Show positive police work

Regarding the May 1 news article “A deputy’s choice leads to a ‘ridiculous’ death”: I initially bristled when I read that you were going to be doing a four-part series highlighting deadly force by law enforcement. I relaxed a little, but only a little, when I read the first article, when I too agreed that this was an excellent example on which light needs to be shone.

Nonetheless, as I read it, and as I prepare to read the second article, I can’t help but think how hopeful I am that you will release a series highlighting the opposite: examples of police benevolence, of saving lives, of the danger and fear they face every day, of officers losing their lives in the line of duty and of how those cases of overreach are but a tiny percentage of the examples of excellent police work.

Our law enforcement professionals deserve better than the national firestorm that erupted unfairly out of Ferguson, Mo., the flames of which have been grotesquely fanned by the media.

After further fanning these flames of anti-police sentiment, do us all a favor and grab a fire extinguisher.

John Levins

Wake Forest