Letters to the Editor

Cosette Singh: Unlawful tidings in Harnett County

Regarding the investigative series “Deadly force”: I am sure that “we the people” don’t know how difficult it is to protect and serve. However, I would like to believe that true officers of the law would share the same revulsion with us when, in the name of the law, heinous and thuggish acts are committed.

Officers in Harnett County named in the recent home invasion and in the killing of a mentally vulnerable man in custody were found by their superiors to have not failed in their duty. These officers dealt death to fellow residents not convicted of a capital offense. How can that be lawful?

The chain of command in Harnett County is missing a link. The officers must answer for these crimes, notwithstanding the “hush” money paid to the relatives of the deceased. The call for justice must be from us, the community, no matter how difficult it is to achieve.

Cosette Singh