Letters to the Editor

Brian Irving: Libertarian a worthy third party

It’s amazing to read supposedly intelligent political observers and pundits kvetch on the disastrous effect Donald Trump will have on the Republican Party and wish for a third party to arise and save the Republic.

Here’s a news flash for Eliot Cohen (“Time for a third choice,” May 5 column) and his compatriots: There already is a third party. The Libertarian Party is on the ballot in all 50 states.

The Libertarian Party offers the only real alternative to the establishment parties. Libertarian presidential candidates have a solid track record of advocating big cuts in federal government programs and budgets.

Libertarians would not only immediately balance the federal budget, we’d also aim to downsize and eliminate scores of unneeded and unconstitutional federal bureaucracies. The needs these agencies allege to fulfill are far better served by the private, voluntary sectors of the economy.

By moving trillions of dollars out of the wasteful government sector and into the productive, private sector, we’ll stimulate massive business investment, which will create millions of desperately needed jobs.

We welcome Republicans and Democrats aghast at the big spending, trade wars and military interventionism they expect in a Trump or Clinton administration to support our candidates Nov. 8.

Brian Irving

Vice chair, Libertarian Party of North Carolina