Letters to the Editor

Bill Zieger: BCBS board needs to speak up

Regarding the May 5 news article “N.C. commissioner: Blue Cross likely to be fined ‘millions’ ”: The recurring story of the fiasco surrounding Blue Cross Blue Shield’s adoption of the Topaz/Facets legacy software, and the harm it has done to thousands of our residents, certainly reinforces the perception of ineptitude by Brad Wilson and his C-Suite executives. They bought a system with a 30 percent error rate at its inception.

But of equal importance is the utter silence emanating from the BCBS Board of Directors. No response as to the board’s involvement has been published, to my knowledge.

This class of pampered personages seems content to attend quarterly meetings, with their five-star accommodations and meals, and sit passively by like bobble-headed figures while they are being fed inaccuracies or simple feel-good pap by management. How much are they paid for this dereliction of duty? As food for conjecture, who are they and why have they not intervened? Are they simply contented sheep?

Bill Zieger