Letters to the Editor

John McKinney: Sanders the perfect third choice

The May 5 column “Time for a third choice” by Eliot Cohen was spot on, except it was slanted the wrong way.

He seemed to think that only Donald Trump needs third-party opposition to dilute his voting base. Yet the presumed Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton has so much baggage and disapproval numbers almost equal to Trump’s that perhaps we need a more leftist third-party candidate to “drag” Clinton back away from the center.

I think her most serious rival, the socialist Bernie Sanders, really fills the bill and appears to be at least as popular as Clinton. Plus he doesn’t have near the baggage that Clinton does, so he is the logical choice.

If the Democrat super delegate process steals his place as the rightful Democrat at the top of the ballot, Sanders shouldn’t let it get him down. He should throw his hat into the ring and give his Democratic comrades the choice they really want.

John McKinney