Letters to the Editor

Sharon Campbell: Trump the actor

In the May 2 news article “Top Republicans in Carolinas torn as Trump nomination more likely,” former Charlotte mayor Richard Vinroot said he’s listening to his kids who think Donald Trump is “authentic.” Hillary Clinton, Vinroot said, has “an artificial quality,” but “there’s nothing artificial about (Trump). He is what he is.” Really?

This is the man who openly says he can be presidential if that’s what Republicans want. He can be so presidential he’ll be boring, he tells his supporters. He can be whatever people want him to be.

So, in his own words, he’s play-acting; he’s a fraud. He can be one thing one day and another the next because ... he is what he is. None of that elite PC stuffM either.

Because of Trump, his fans can get “authentic” and openly express their bigotry, their xenophobia, their hatred, their meanness. Apparently, PC stands for Polite and Civil.

Sharon Campbell

Chapel Hill