Letters to the Editor

Timothy Gee: Let politicians foot lawyer bill over HB2

Regarding the May 10 news article “Federal, N.C. leaders take battle over HB2 to court”: Now lawyers are involved.

To put this into context, money that we, the people, have sent to the state to invest in the future (pay teachers, fund schools, repair and expand infrastructure), to aid the needy (housing, health care, food, unemployment support), to enhance our quality of life (parks, museums) will now go to lawyers.

So we, the people, will be asked to foot the bill to defend a law that we neither needed nor requested.

I have a solution. Let those politicians who passed this law defend it with their own money. If they decide they need our help, let them set up a Crowdfunding website. The money that flows in should accurately gauge the degree of support those lawmakers have from the good folks of North Carolina. As an added incentive, any overages above the legal fees could be applied to their campaign war chests.

This would be fun to watch.

Timothy Gee