Letters to the Editor

Earl Honeycutt: McCrory’s myriad mistakes

Regarding the April 20 news article “4th Circuit rules for teen in Virginia bathroom case”: There is little doubt that Gov. Pat McCrory has had a frustrating time reframing and deflecting criticism since he signed House Bill 2 on March 23. This was a huge political mistake by a politician who championed rebranding and marketing the state to businesses.

Based upon the negative responses by myriad firms, perhaps McCrory can explain how the new strategy enhances the state’s brand.

In response, McCrory has tried his best to reframe the problem as overreach, political correctness and common-sense solutions. Has McCrory seriously considered why his position and that of prominent business leaders are at odds?

If he truly believes the backlash to HB2 is simply political correctness, then why does he support the “religious correctness” of ALEC and the extreme right?

The governor and Republican legislators’ appeal to basic fears by claiming HB2 was passed to protect women and young girls. South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley responded that no such problem exists in her state. And how does our governor purport to enforce the bill?

McCrory has created a problem that is far from being common sense.

Earl Honeycutt

Chapel Hill