Letters to the Editor

Duke Lineberry: Bad politics at the symphony

I want to express my support for Gov. Pat McCrory and our state legislature on passing House Bill 2. Thanks to them for protecting our privacy and for safeguarding our children.

Now, my little First Amendment exercise didn’t cost anyone very much. Besides, we should expect this in the opinion pages. However, I didn’t get the same consideration recently when I took my wife to the North Carolina Symphony in Raleigh for her birthday.

Instead of a night of celebration and culture with Noah Bendix-Balgley’s absolutely superb performance of Beethoven’s Violin Concerto, I apparently paid $150 to get bushwhacked at the end of Bendix-Balgley’s performance with a diatribe on how he thinks North Carolina is repressive and that transgender people no longer feel safe here.

Shame on Bendix-Balgley and shame on the symphony for giving him a platform for his personal politics at my personal expense. Had I known he had an agenda in promoting gender dysphoria, I could have skipped the ambush and saved my money. His wonderful talents are outmatched only by his disingenuousness.

I support his First Amendment right to speak his mind, but he’s a thief for doing it on my dime.

Duke Lineberry