Letters to the Editor

John Morris: Bizarre misperceptions

Michael Jacobs, in his May 4 Point of View “For backlash politics, thank progressives,” has found the answer to how Donald Trump came up on top right in front of our noses in North Carolina, specifically in Chapel Hill. This leafy college town is actually the epicenter of the progressive policies and political correctness that have pushed voters to Trump.

Jacobs also reveals why UNC president Tom Ross was fired by the Board of Governors: “Ross was complicit in the demise of the democratization of political thought on our state university campuses, and most taxpayers are fed up with the overt indoctrination of our youth by leftist faculties.” Really? Reporting by The N&O, based on emails among the board members, showed that the reason for firing Ross was clouded by confusion and ineptitude but came down to just wanting to name a Republican to this position.

Jacobs informed us that he teaches in the UNC Kenan-Flagler MBA program, specifically a course in “conscious capitalism,” which he modestly says “pays off handsomely for shareholders.”

I am trying to give Jacobs the benefit of the doubt on his teaching skills, but his bizarre misperceptions of political events and the muddled thinking in this POV make it challenging.

John Morris

Chapel Hill