Letters to the Editor

Madeleine J. Roberts: HB2 safety issues

In his April 27 Point of View “A matter of fairness,” law professor E. Gregory Wallace stated that transgender people “say it makes them uncomfortable to use bathrooms based on their physical anatomy.”

I do not identify as transgender, and I would not presume to speak for people who do. However, it seems to me that this claim is not quite accurate.

As a current gender and sexuality major at Davidson College and from my close following of concerns from both sides of the House Bill 2 argument, I do not believe that transgender people have been saying this is what makes them feel uncomfortable. Worrying about the huge safety risks that come from going into a bathroom that might match their physical anatomy but that does not match their gender identity and outward appearance – thus, other bathroom users might think transgender people are in the “wrong” bathroom despite actually being in the “right” one according to HB2 – is what I have heard transgender people saying makes them feel uncomfortable, and rightly so.

Let’s all be respectful of each other during this debate and try not to speak inaccurately on behalf of others.

Madeleine J. Roberts