Letters to the Editor

Dennis DeBord: Border bungle

I realize that I am not always up to date on the latest news, but when I read the May 25 news article “N.C.-S.C. border could shift after 2 decades of debate,” I was gob smacked. This is another good example of our legislative bodies at their best.

It appears they have spent over 20 years trying to figure out the border between North Carolina and South Carolina when the simplest thing would have been to accept where the line was drawn many years ago. The statement was made that 334 miles of border were surveyed for this change, and now I wonder how much of the taxpayer dollars were spent just on this 20-year ordeal.

There does not appear to be any winners, except the surveyors and lawyers, since most of the statements in the article indicated no one wants to change states just for this purpose. I especially liked the last paragraph, which stated, “Nobody was raising a stink, it’s a problem of the state’s own making.”

I think I know where the change truly needs to be, and it has nothing to do with the border.

Dennis DeBord