Letters to the Editor

Jack Williams: Political posturing costing lives

Regarding Ned Barnett’s May 29 column “A caring doctor’s orders: Expand Medicaid”: I hope everyone and especially the governor and state legislators heard the message from Dr. Pradeep Arumugham of Kinston when he said we can save lives by expanding Medicaid in North Carolina.

One-half million North Carolinians would benefit with little cost since at least 90 percent of the cost would be borne by the federal government.

Unfortunately, our state leaders still refuse to accept federal Medicaid expansion. We must ask why and hope for our sake that their decision wasn’t just a defiant act of political posturing and obstructionism. If it was, I hope and pray they see the error in their ways and change their course.

We all need to follow Arumugham’s lead and make a positive difference in this world. We cannot let politics ever stand in the way of saving lives.

Jack Williams