Letters to the Editor

Parker Manning: More to leadership than politics

In response to Jim Jenkins’ June 2 column “Who’s the truest conservative?”: The people who are disappointed by the performance of Congress and complain about the gridlock in Washington and Raleigh are the same people who have created this hyper-partisanship in politics by electing the most conservative or the most liberal candidate to office.

When Jenkins compares the conservative qualities of George Holding and Renee Ellmers and finds them lacking because they have not instituted impeachment proceedings against President Obama, it is as if the civics teacher has abandoned the classroom to be taught by the children who did not do their homework. To be impeached, an official must have committed high crimes and misdemeanors.

While it is certain that President Obama has taken actions that are not supported by all ends of the political spectrum, I would ask that a specific instance of a crime or neglect be presented as a reason for impeachment.

Candidates for office shouldn’t be judged on how far to the right or how far to the left they campaign; they should be examined based on their qualities as leaders and their ability to work with others. Congress leads the nation, not just conservatives or liberals.

Parker Manning