Letters to the Editor

Jason Beverly: Apodaca disrespected HBCUs

In response to the June 3 letter “Apodaca’s honorable tuition plan”: It appears that both Sen. Tom Apodaca and Board of Governors member David M. Powers suffer from the same misunderstanding: HBCUs are not a separate but equal system apart from the University of North Carolina but rather an integral part that creates the system as a whole.

While both Democrats and Republicans have their favorite conspiracy theories and are even justified in the hairy eyeball we give to one another on occasion, the true conspiracy in this issue is no conspiracy at all: Apodaca simply did not consult with the HBCUs nor did he consult with them as a part of the larger university system.

After all, HBCUs are not the only schools within the system to face enrollment and affordability issues, so why focus such attention on HBCUs?

Apodaca’s sin was not his intent to solve a problem but whether he intended to ever succeed. Given the politically tone-deaf approach and flippant dismissal of HBCU concerns, I would say he is relishing in the rejection.

Jason Beverly