Letters to the Editor

Erich Magee: Fed-up Will misguided

Apparently, polysyllabic ranting is George Will’s equivalent of cursing when furious. He was in rare form in his June 7 column “The price Paul Ryan has paid.”

He is furious at Donald Trump for executing a hostile takeover of the Republican Party and at Paul Ryan for succumbing in order to further his own agenda.

Of course, he takes a gratuitous shot at progressives by likening Trump’s racism to liberal support of diversity, which is absurd, but furious people do these things. Anyway, his fury is misguided.

Rather than being a hostile takeover, the success of Trump is simply the will of the Republican base that George Will so admires.

As an aside, I would be curious to see how many from that base can define the words “Caligulan” or “insouciant.”

Erich Magee