Letters to the Editor

Susan Parker: Teaching no longer viable

I’m an old school teacher, not exactly old school, just old. I love teaching and still look forward to getting into my classroom every morning.

I’m now teaching the children of my first students. Around holiday times, former students who have grown up will come by to see me. I share memories of them as children in my class, we hug good-bye and I return to my duties with a full heart.

I have a filing cabinet full of trophies, certificates, plaques and tokens of affection related to my teaching career. It’s been a very rewarding part of my life.

My older daughter got a two-year degree at a community college and earns more money in her third year in a medical field than I do in my third decade of teaching school in North Carolina’s public schools.

My younger daughter loves science and working with young people. She would make a fantastic science teacher. But she knows it’s not a viable way to make a living. I wasn’t able to pay for dancing lessons or some field trips or sports for her as she was growing up. She wants better for her children. So do I.

Susan Parker