Letters to the Editor

Melanie Walker: Teachers won’t forget neglect by GOP

Regarding the July 15 article “McCrory signs budget, touts teacher pay raises”: Just how forgetful does our governor and Republican legislature think the public really is?

Does it not look obvious that suddenly, a few months before an election, teacher pay gets raised? Can the public really forget the loss of years of pay affecting young teachers as well as veteran teachers or the flight of thousands of teachers from our state?

Who can simply forget no pay for advanced degrees, no career status, the chance to be fired on a yearly basis with no hearing or recourse, fewer textbooks and instructional materials, over-packed classes, loss of instructional assistants, nurses, janitors and social workers? Add to that the funding of private schools with taxpayer money that are not held accountable to the same standards.

It may be too little and way too late to tout anything!

Melanie Walker