Letters to the Editor

Ann T. Berry: 31 percent wider

The world is so full of sad, bad news that it’s hard to choose what to complain or mourn or grieve about. I’m choosing something that may seem minor, but in today’s political world is not: Your July 13 Dome column, in reporting on campaign cash, says Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Deborah Ross “narrowly” out-raised longtime, do-little incumbent Republican Richard Burr in 2016’s second quarter.

Ross, Dome goes on, raised $2.1 million to Burr’s circa $1.6 million.

By my admittedly rusty arithmetic, that $500,000 difference is about 31 percent. If that’s “narrow,” I know a lot of people who’d turn cartwheels on Capitol Square for a “narrow” 31 percent raise.

Ann T. Berry