Letters to the Editor

Ron Hewett: Accentuating the negatives of policing

Regarding the July 8 news brief “Man charged with firing at deputy”: You printed an article about a sheriff’s deputy who responded to a call where a man was harassing the public with a shotgun.

The officer arrived, deflected the shotgun at point-blank range, then slapped a handgun away as the assailant tried to shoot the officer. The man was arrested and taken to jail. No one was injured apparently.

This act of bravery and good policing is an excellent example of what goes on hundreds of times a day by police across the country. Yet you did little to publicize the act and only continued to accentuate the negative on your front page.

The N&O and other news outlets need to take responsibility for their role in what is going on in our society. You need to tell about all the good as well as the bad. The “bad” on Page 1 and the “good” tucked in elsewhere is not a balanced approach nor is it responsible.

If we are going to get calm restored, the news outlets must do their part.

Ron Hewett