Letters to the Editor

Stephen Browne: Blame radical Islam

The July 17 editorial “Dark night in Nice, France” about the Nice attacks neatly avoided identifying the motivation of the attacker as being rooted in radical Islamic ideology and beliefs. It called the attack “a crime without reason, without sane motivation.”

It said “terrorists, whether acting in a group or individually, don’t need reasons” and that “their motivations are bizarre except for a common thread of wanting to kill innocent people.” Terrorists do have reasons and motivations, and there is rarely any mystery about it.

The attacks in Nice, Paris, Orlando, San Bernardino and so many other places are motivated by radical Islamic ideology. What is unknown are the reasons and motivations of those who are unwilling to identify radical Islam as the root cause.

It’s pointless to say “there must be ever-more intense intelligence gathering and strikes against terror ‘cells’ and individual suspects” if one is unwilling to identify who the enemy is and if one believes that terrorists act without reason and motivation.

The first step in fighting an enemy is identifying the enemy. Not naming radical Islam in connection with recent terrorist attacks is not going to save anyone from it.

Stephen Browne