Letters to the Editor

Ellen Canavan: Hog farm hype

Regarding the July 5 letter “Pork industry regulated, transparent”: Most of the farms are located in poor, rural counties that most people traveling the state never see, for good reason – the sounds, sights and smells of pigs who are nothing more than a “product” or commodity.

North Carolina may have the toughest regulations in the nation, but what does that mean? Certainly not that a pig can have freedom of movement, room to play and socialize, to be groomed or even to see the light of day.

Instead they spend their lives confined in the dark, unable to get away from their own feces (pigs are clean animals) and with no natural activity except to eat.

Then, when they are 6 months old, they are slaughtered and, I’m sorry, there is no such thing as humane slaughter.

So look beyond the hype. If these farms were all that “transparent” they would be offering guided tours to the public and to schoolchildren if they want to show off their “products,” but they do not because they have things to hide: the massive mistreatment of these intelligent animals that have no say in whether they live or die.

Ellen Canavan