Letters to the Editor

Dennis Hawley: McCrory should accept blame for HB2

Regarding the July 22 news article “NBA pulls All-Star Game out of N.C. over HB2”: The governor and his cronies passed a law protecting the ability to discriminate, a “common sense” solution to a nonexistent problem. This legalized bigotry has cost the state money, jobs and reputation.

Gov. Pat McCrory then blames everyone else – the “liberal media” (naturally), the attorney general, entertainment “elite,” Obama – claiming they all “misrepresent” this odious law. No, they get it completely. As does the rest of the country.

He uses the power of government to control people’s private lives, protects the ability of bigots to practice bigotry, embarrasses the state and is directly responsible for the continuing loss of revenue, yet he just engages in the equivalent of the childhood practice of holding one’s breath until one turns purple.

He brought this on the state and himself, so it’s time to stop blaming everyone else. That is what a real leader would do. Perhaps after the next election, North Carolina will have one.

Dennis Hawley