Letters to the Editor

Glenn Conway: Blind party allegiance troubling U.S.

Regarding the July 17 news article “Trump not the first choice for some N.C. delegates heading to Cleveland”: State Sen. Ronald Rabin said Republicans planning not to back the nominee “put their own power and pride before the welfare of this nation.” Well, Rabin has it all wrong.

Anyone who would blindly and obediently back a political candidate just because of party affiliation is putting the party before the nation. Should anyone back the next Hitler, Mussolini, Idi Amin, etc. just because he happens to be the official candidate of the party?

Under such circumstances, denying one’s conscience and voting along with the party despite serious misgivings is surrendering one’s legitimate vote.

The founders of the United States put their faith in people ultimately voting their consciences and not giving in to politics, expediency, political pressure.

So I say bravo to those people, Republican, Democrat and Independent, who voted for the candidate he/she thinks is legitimately best for America, all things considered.

It is the blind allegiance to political party that is greatly contributing to the problems we face today as a nation.

Glenn Conway

Holly Springs