Letters to the Editor

John MacPherson: Perplexing support for Clinton

In his July 12 column “A deplorable disregard,” Colbert King lamented Hillary Clinton’s disregard for proper security and her subordinates’ willful ignorance that anything was amiss.

After dumping on Donald Trump, he implied in his final paragraph that he will vote for her anyway, because “what else have we got?”

How about this: We’ve got a chance to get away from the same liberal policies that have doubled the national debt to a level so high people can’t fathom it. A chance to get away from the policies that have our economy mired in essentially a no-growth mode. A chance to regain our stature in the world and start working on policies and agreements that benefit us, rather than the idiotic “leading from behind.”

What has Clinton accomplished? I hear the same platitudes like “she fought for women’s rights,” or “she fought for the children.” She spoke about those issues, but she didn’t actually accomplish anything.

I can understand Democrats who want bigger government, more liberal social programs and a looser interpretation of the Constitution. I don’t agree with them, but I understand.

What I can’t understand is why anyone would check ethics at the door and vote for her.

John MacPherson