Letters to the Editor

Theresa W. Moore: Trump is no savior

As I watched Donald Trump give his acceptance speech, I was struck by the frenzied reactions of the convention crowd after every sensational lie he shouted about how horrible everything is in our country and that (not how) he was going to fix it.

It was like seeing a crowd of brainwashed cult followers worshiping at the temple of Trump.

The introduction by his elder daughter was like the royal princess announcing the coming king.

I believe those people would have followed him right over the edge of a cliff, and that is terrifying, to think that we have so many in our country who are so willing and eager to turn their very souls over to a person who is an egomaniac. He just says whatever will get him what he wants.

Those delusional followers are looking for a savior in all the wrong places.

Theresa W. Moore