Letters to the Editor

Fred Atkins: Charlotte caused HB2

“Nothing could be finer that to be in Carolina” – what has happened to that wonderful little song phrase? PayPal, Bruce Springsteen and now the NBA, among others, all refusing to come to North Carolina. These and many other misinformed groups continue to attack our governor and legislature for our state’s “intolerance and bigotry,” as embodied in House Bill 2. Why do all these folks refuse to admit the real reason for this political brouhaha?

If Charlotte had not passed its unneeded ordinance that solves a problem that does not exist, none of this would have happened. That ordinance ends the concept of single-sex bathrooms; if allowed to stand, many more entertainers and companies would be staying away because of that – no more men’s and women’s rooms.

The Charlotte ordinance was the catalyst; if it had not been passed, causing HB2 to be hastily written (admittedly somewhat of an over-reaction), North Carolina would still be considered one of the most progressive and friendly states in the country. “Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina” would still ring true.

In fact, it still does; our great state is no different now than it was before March 23, unless we believe the misinformed and the misinformers.

Fred Atkins