Letters to the Editor

Ross Goldbaum: Trump courting Russia a problem

Regarding the July 28 news article “Trump to Russia: Find Clinton’s missing emails”: Donald Trump’s call to Russian hackers to find Hillary Clinton’s lost emails was clearly tongue-in-cheek. What did not appear facetious, however, was his suggestion of friendship with Russia so that we could together “take out” ISIS.

While the actions of fundamentalist Islamic terrorists are tragic, the level of mayhem that a Russian division with air, artillery and tank support can cause exceeds the capabilities of Muslim extremists by several orders of magnitude. Ask the people of Crimea about that.

Dwight Eisenhower’s concern about Russian expansionism led him to craft the NATO alliance. The events in the Ukraine within the last few years indicate Eisenhower’s concerns are still relevant.

Trump’s recent statements temporizing support for NATO open a door wide enough for Putin to, literally, drive a division of tanks through.

These kinds of thoughtless remarks by a man who might be president can endanger the security of eastern Europe. American voters cannot afford to be so naive about geopolitics that they would consider electing this man, no matter how flawed a candidate Clinton is.

Ross Goldbaum